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A� A� A�Vi?t Nam ?ang v??n mA�nh thA�nh m?t n??c cA? t?c ?? phA?t tri?n cao trong khu v?c ?A?ng Nam A? vA� trA?n th? gi?i b?ng cA?ch m? c?a chA�o ?A?n cA?c nhA� ??u t? t? kh?p n?i. Vi?t Nam ?A? vA� ?ang h?i nh?p sA?u vA�o sA?n ch?i th? gi?i qua vi?c tham gia vA�o cA?c t? ch?c WTO , cA?c di?n ?A�n A? a�� A�u, APECa��Trong b?i c?nh ?A? m?i con ng??i Vi?t Nam, cA?c doanh nghi?p Vi?t Nam luA?n A? th?c trA?ch nhi?m vA� s? m?nh th?c hi?n m?c tiA?uA�giao th??ng, h?i nh?p, chuy?n giao cA?ng ngh? vA� phA?t huy truy?n th?ng sA?ng t?o ?? gA?p ph?n ??t ???c m?c tiA?u phA?t tri?n b?n v?ng.CA?ng ty C? ph?n PhA?t tri?n Ph??ng TA?y (WESTERN JSC) ???c thA�nh l?p ngA�y 1 thA?ng 12 n?m 2010 v?i th? m?nh lA� cA?c l?nh v?c ch? y?u: Thi?t k? dA?n d?ng, cA?ng nghi?p a�� XA?y d?ng dA?n d?ng, cA?ng nghi?p vA� h? t?ng a�� T? v?n ??u t?, qu?n lA? d? A?n cA?c cA?ng trA�nh dA?n d?ng vA� cA?ng nghi?pa��ChA?ng tA?i xA?c ??nh mA�nh lA� c?u n?i gi?a cA?c nhA� ??u t? vA� s? ph?n vinh c?a ??t n??c Vi?t Nam, vA� chA?ng tA?i ho?t ??ng theo ph??ng chA?m a�? Bi?n cA?ng trA�nh t?t nh?t cA?n t?t h?n n?aa�? , l?y s? thA�nh tA�n trong h?p tA?c lA�m ch? ??ng trong lA?ng khA?ch hA�ng.VA� v?y WESTERN JSC khA?ng ng?ng chiA?u m? nhA?n tA�i, khA?ng ng?ng b?i d??ng nA?ng cao trA�nh ?? cho d?i ng? k? s?, k? thu?t, cA?ng nhA?n viA?n ?? cA? ???c l?c l??ng nhA?n s? chuyA?n mA?n cao, tA?m huy?t vA� cA? tinh th?n ph?c v? khA?ch hA�ng h?t mA�nh. ChA?ng tA?i c?ng th??ng xuyA?n ti?p nh?n chuy?n giao cA?c cA?ng ngh? xA?y d?ng tiA?n ti?n, hi?u qu? c?ng nh? th??ng xuyA?n ti?p xA?c l?ng nghe cA?c ph?n h?i t? quA? khA?ch hA�ng ?? cA?c s?n ph?m ??n tay quA? v? lA� hoA�n h?o nh?t.ChA?ng tA?i luA?n tA?m ni?m, s? thA�nh cA?ng c?a quA? khA?ch hA�ng chA�nh lA� nhi?m v? c?a WESTERN JSC vA� s? thA�nh cA?ng c?a quA? khA?ch hA�ng lA� ??ng l?c ?? chA?ng tA?i v??n t?m tr? thA�nh doanh nghi?p hA�ng ??u trong ngA�nh xA?y d?ng Vi?t Nam.

TrA?n tr?ng,

A� A� A� Vietnam is stretched into a country with high growth rates in Southeast Asia and around the world by opening our doors to investors from all over the place. Vietnam has been deeply integrated into the world stage through participation in the WTO, the Asia a�� Europe forum, APEC foruma��All the people of Vietnam & Vietnam business always a sense of responsibility and mission to achieve the objective of trade, integration, technology transfer and promote their creativity to contribute to achieving sustainable development.Western development joint stock company (WESTERN JSC) was established December 1, 2010 with field strengths are mainly: Civil design, Industrial a�� Construction of civil, industrial and infrastructure a�� investment advisory, project management of civil and industrial a��We define ourselves as a bridge between investors and the prosperity of the country of Vietnam, and we operate under the motto a�?BUILD THE BEST TO BETTERa�?, taken in good faith cooperation place in customersa��hearts.So A�WESTERNA�JSC constantly recruit talent, constantly improve their training for a team of engineers, technicians and workers to acquire human resources expertise, dedication and spirit of service our best customers. We also regularly receive delivery of advanced construction technologies, as well as effective listening regularly exposed to feedback from customers to the products to you is perfect.We always keep in mind, the success of our customers is the mission of A�WESTERN JSC and the success of our customers is our motivation to rise to become the leading enterprises in the construction sector in Vietnam.Sincerely yours,