With personnel of high profession and much experience working for leading construction companies in Viet Nam and participating in l arge a�� scale and complicated projects such as Pha Lai 2 thermal power plant, Hai Phong 2 cement factory, Binh Phuoc cement factory, Tiens pharmacy factory, Nienshing garment and Textile Complex, National highway No. 1 Construction Project a�� Section order accutane
from Vinh to Ha Tinh, Cai Mep terminal Construction project, Ho Chi Minh City Hi-tech industrial park project etca��We have together established Western Development Joint Stock Company a�� WESTERN JSCA�to improve the construction services provides the clients the packaged services with high quatity, reliability and meeting the demands

Some important landmarks

  • In December 2010: W ESTERN JSC was established in accordance with Business Registration Certificate No. 0105025516 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment
  • In July 2011 Completed and handed over the first project a�� Kosei international Factory in Yen My, Hung Yen with the revenue of USD 2.950.000
  • From March 2011 to june 2013: Constructed the first high – rise building project a�� the Hostel Building for students in My Dinh, Hanoi with 22 storeys and revenue of USD 5.500.00
  • From July 2012 to june 2013: Constructed BJSTEEL factory in Thai Nguyen with the revenue of USD 2.025.000 and received the Appreciation Letter from the Client
  • From April 2013 to July 2013: After constructing Goertek Electronic factory No. 1, WESTERN JSC was trusted and nominated by the Client to construct Goertek Electronic factory No. 2 in Que Vo industrial park in Bac Ninh



A� T? nh?ng nhA?n s? cA? chuyA?n mA?n cao vA� nhi?u kinh nghi?m t? cA?c cA?ng ty xA?y d?ng hA�ng ??u Vi?t Nam, ?A? tr?i qua cA?c cA?ng trA�nh quy mA? l?n, ph?c t?p v? k? thu?t nh?: NhA� mA?y nhi?t ?i?n Ph? L?i 2, NhA� mA?y xi m?ng H?i PhA?ng 2, NhA� mA?y xi m?ng BA�nh Ph??c, NhA� mA?y d??c ph?m Tiens, T? h?p d?t may Nienshing, D? A?n xA?y d?ng qu?c l? 1 ?o?n Vinh a�� HA� T?nh, d? A?n xA?y d?ng c?ng CA?i MA�p, xA?y d?ng khu cA?ng ngh? cao TP H? ChA� Minh a�� ChA?ng tA?i cA?ng nhau thA�nh l?p CA?ng ty C? ph?n PhA?t tri?n Ph??ng TA?y, tA?n th??ng hi?u lA� WESTERN JSC nh?m m?c ?A�ch nA?ng cao d?ch v? xA?y d?ng ??n v?i khA?ch hA�ng. WESTERN JSC ra ??i mang ??n cho khA?ch hA�ng d?ch v? tr?n gA?i, kA�p kA�n v?i ch?t l??ng cao, an toA�n vA� ?A?p ?ng ti?n ?? mong mu?n.M?t s? ??u m?c quan tr?ng:

* A� A� ThA?ng 12 a�� 2010: WESTERN JSC thA�nh l?p theo s? ?KKD 0105025516 t?i S? KH?T thA�nh ph? HA� N?i

* A� A� ThA?ng 7 a�� 2011: HoA�n thA�nh vA� bA�n giao cA?ng trA�nh ??u tiA?n a�� NhA� mA?y Kosei International t?i YA?n M?, H?ng YA?n ??t doanh s?: 2.950.000 USD

* A� A� ThA?ng 3/2011 ??n thA?ng 6/2013: Thi cA?ng cA?ng trA�nh cao t?ng ??u tiA?n a�� Khu nhA� ? cho h?c sinh sinh viA?n t?i M? ?A�nh, HA� N?i cao 22 t?ng, ??t doanh s?: 5.500.000 USD

* A� A� ThA?ng 7/2012 ??n thA?ng 6/2013: Thi cA?ng nhA� mA?y c? khA� BJSTEEL t?i ThA?i NguyA?n, ??t doanh s? lA� 2.025.000 USD vA� nh?n ???c th? c?m ?n c?a Ch? ??u t?

* A� A� ThA?ng 4/2013 ??n thA?ng 7/2013: Sau khi thi cA?ng nhA� mA?y ?i?n t? Goertek 1, WESTERN JSC ti?p t?c ???c Ch? ??u t? tA�n nhi?m giao cho thi cA?ng nhA� mA?y ?i?n t? Goertek s? 2 t?i KCN Qu? VA� t?nh B?c Ninh.